HOW LONG DOES THE COURSE TAKE & How much does it cost?

€500    Beginner 1-2 Days

€800    Intermediate 1-2 Days

€1100  Advanced 2-3 Days

Combined packages (i.e. Beginner+Intermediate, Beginner to Advanced etc.) are offered at a discounted rate.

Where does it take place?

The course will take place in our workshop in Swords, Co.Dublin. If you are travelling from the West, we advise booking a B&B or Hotel for the period of the course. It is imperative that you show up well rested, as this will maximise your learning abilities.

What if I have very little or no experience in microsoldering?

What course do I choose?

All of our courses are fully customisable for your needs. We can combine multiple packages if you want to go from beginner to advanced or from zero to hero. Experience is not mandatory, all you need is determination and a can do attitude.

Am I guaranteed to learn absolutely everything in this course in terms of signature faults? (Audio IC, Charging IC, Touch IC, Baseband Repairs)

Everybody’s own ability is different. You will be shown all the techniques necessary, however you will have to practice further in your own time to master said techniques.
Ultimately it all depends on your hand-eye coordination and how steady your hands are.


  • The staff will be able to carry out all the repairs in house, which improves turnaround time for customers and eliminates the cost of postage and outsourced repairs. Furthermore it is also easier to handle warranty repairs.
  • You will be able to expand the range of services provided, as the techniques and methods learned will be applicable to any electronic device with a motherboard (laptops, consoles, etc.)

  • Once a member of staff masters all the techniques he can easily train other staff thus saving money of future training

  • All training will be done on a ‘’one to one’’ basis this way ensuring that every student gets the attention needed and required.

What if I don’t feel confident after completing the course?

Very few have mastered all the techniques and managed to do the harder repairs after they finished the course. Confidence and speed builds over time so practice is not just necessary but imperative. So if you decide to give this a go you need to have this in mind. We recommend at least 2 hours every day of practice until you feel confident enough to approach a customer device.